Graphy is the ultimate, easy to use, feature packed stats monitor and debugger for your project. 

Main Features: 
- FPS (Graph and Text) 
- Memory (Graph and Text) 
- Audio (Graph and Text) 
- Advanced device information 
- Debugging tools 

With this tool you will be able to visualize and catch when your game has some unexpected hiccup or stutter, and act accordingly! 

The debugger allows you to set one or more conditions, that if met will have the consequences you desire, such as taking a screenshot, pausing the editor, printing a message to the console and more! Even call a method from your own code if you want! 

Additional features: 
- Customizable look and feel 
- Multiple layouts 
- Custom Inspector 
- Hotkeys 
- Easy to use API (accessible from code) 
- Works on multiple platforms 
- Background Mode 
- Works from Unity 5.4 and up! 
- Well documented C# and Shader code included 

Made withUnity
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